Using Adsorption as Means to Treat Water Pollution

  • Ali K. Al-Muttair
  • Nada A. R. Al Easawi
  • Sama A. Mustafa
Keywords: Adsorption, isotherm models, physical adsorption, chemical adsorption, factors, review


Background: Water is the source of life form and this crucial source is continuously being polluted through variety of human activities and from natural sources. Many methods have been used to treat water from these pollutants with different degrees of success; one of the most promising techniques is adsorption. Adsorption have been used extensively with variety of adsorbents range from the expensive activated carbon to cheap plant waste.

Aim of study: This review provides a scope on the adsorption process and the factors affect the adsorption, types of adoption, isotherm studies and models as well as some examples on the past studies conducted to eliminate various types of contaminants such as chemical dyes, heavy metals and crude oil and other aromatic compounds.