Burn skin treatment by nanoparticle – review article

  • Nihad Taha Mohammed jaddoa
  • Jenan A. Ghafil
  • Ayaid Khadem Zgair
Keywords: Antibiotic resistance, Burn, Burn infection, Nanoparticles


Background: The nanotechnology considers as one of the most promising technologies in the treatment of diseases and the manufacture of drugs with high efficiency. This review highlighted on the designing of nanoparticles (NPs) for therapeutics. The size of nanoparticle important in reaching to the target and get out from the body by kidney. Nanostructured and nanocrystalline nanomaterials are the two basic types of nanomaterials. The safe of nanoparticle is one of the most attractive attribute of nanoparticle when it will chose as a medicine. Dendrimers are extensively employed in therapeutic implementation because of their structural attribution of this component.  Moreover, the capsid protein of virus is extremely natural nanoparticles can be used in medicine. Nanogels can be used for biological sensors, and other biological applications and administration of pharmaceuticals. Beside that there are many nanoparticles that have many medical applications, i.e. nanodiamonds (NDs), metallic NPs, quantum dots (QDs), Silica-Based NPs (SBNPs), Lipid-Based Nanoparticles (Liposomes).

Conclusion: One of the most important applications of NPs, which was highlighted in this review, is the use of nanoparticles in the treatment of microbial contaminated burns. Finally, it can be concluded that the using of NPs and nanomaterials with no cytotoxic effect in medication are considered one of the most important technologies that have emerged in recent years.